With Us Education Is Superior To Schooling.

Enroll your child for an educational experience more than schooling. We don’t just school students rather we educate them in preparation for a relevant future.

Student Development

We believe under the right learning environment every student is a genius.


Our technologies, helps our students never to get cold-feet with tech.

Global Competetion

In a very competitive society our student stand the chance of victory.

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We have the enrollment options to help your child discover his/her untapped potential and release the genius within.

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Proofs and results strenghtens conviction.

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Our Vision

Zion Christian Academy Group of Schools was established in 2008. The school exists to assist your family in training your children intellectually, physically spiritually, and socially toward maturity and responsible independence (Luke 2:52). We view our school as an adjunct to the home and church-not a substitute. Although we attempt to keep a warm, spiritual atmosphere of traditional, Christian values, we are an educational institution.

Our Six Pillar Objective.

Every true vision is a mission that must have clearly stated objective so that the focus of achievement can be dogged.

Study Skills

If knowledge is power, studying is a superpower. Many students find it difficult to read today because over 95% of schools have a curriculum on what to read but little or nothing on how to read.


Our goal also is to teach our students what true leadership means. Show them the principles that governs leadership and inspire them to become one as their selfless service to humanity.

Character & Integrity

Like they say “if you loose money you lost nothing, if you loose health you lost something, but if you loose character you lost everything”. Regardless of all the knowledge we impart, character & integrity defect in our students would ruin all our effort. 


Discipline is the soul of an army. In the absence of discipline anything designed for success is at the risk of failure. This is why we employ discipline and integrate it also in our students to have an obligation of always making disciplined decisions even without supervision

Social Standards

Though we are in a society where it seems socialization kills, but still we teach our students with examples, the benefit of  socializing with the right association and how to identify and draw strength from right associations.

Spiritual Objective

The law of creation is that everything must produce after its kind e.g an irresponsible template will produce irresponsibility after its kind, also only a godly template would successfully produce anything and anyone that is godly.

Our Student’s Success Stories

We are overwhelmed with generous words from our students.


What makes Zion schools unique is that it is distinctively Christian. We offer a Christ-centered education. We win them for Christ and improve them academically. We want to fully prepare our children to be leaders of society. We operate American cum Nigerian curriculum. We give our students Christ and make them well equipped to face the world. We believe that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Pastor Solomon Owolabi
  • World Class Curriculum

    We offer a top-notch form of training

  • Established for Over 10 Years

    Ten Years of consistent training of Godly students

  • Over 1,000 Graduates

    The number of our Ambassadors keeps growing

  • Highly Certified Educators

    Our trainers are carefully chosen out of the bests

  • Located in the Heart of Ogbomoso

    Our strategic location provides a perfect environment for learning

Upcoming Events

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18 Feb

PTA Meeting

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
College Hall

Finish schools have even begun to move away from the regular subject-focused curricula, introducing instead developments like phenomenon-based learning, where..

18 Feb

Entrance Examination

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
College Hall

Finish schools have even begun to move away from the regular subject-focused curricula, introducing instead developments like phenomenon-based learning, where..

Hear From Our Team

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Mrs Bamise
Vice Principal Academic Affairs
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Administrative Secretary
Mr Adesina Moses
Vice Principal Human Resources

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